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Development and Innovation

We believe that training people is fundamental to promote career growth and to continue serving our clients with excellence and innovation.

Therefore, we support and encourage professionals and partners to follow a path of knowledge acquisition with programs managed by the areas of People and Management and Knowledge Management.


Our Knowledge Management area leads permanent initiatives that stimulate critical thinking, research, product development, exchange and updating of knowledge among people, to add value to everything we do in our firm.

The initiatives focus on strategic organizational knowledge, research and product development and continuous internal improvement for our clients. We encourage exchanges between people and practice areas, on which our efficient and high technical quality full service is based.

In the Madrona Research project, we encourage our professionals to think outside the box, with curiosity and critical spirit in their deliveries, so that the work of the firms positively impacts various sectors of the economy and businesses of our clients. We promote the interdisciplinarity of innovative technical knowledge. In addition to our interns and lawyers, we have the participation of the members of the Next Generation of Lawyers project.

In the Madrona Lab project, we foster entrepreneurship, research and development of internal improvements and product creation, to generate internal value and to solve the challenges our clients face.

Madrona Academy is a development and training project, creating spaces for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, with conversations and training on relevant and current topics, so that we are always ahead of trends. This initiative is part of the strategy to strengthen our connections and relationships, and to stimulate learning and creativity, in a collaborative and plural environment