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Environmental commitment

Our Environmental pillar works in corporate sustainability.

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    Adoption of a culture of combating waste and principles inherent in the circular economy, based on reduction, recovery and recycling

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    Replacement of food products with great impact on the environment by organic products grown by small farmers

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    Dematerialization of processes that can be executed digitally, reducing paper consumption

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    Rational use of resources, including water and electricity

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    Recycling of disposable materials (paper, plastic) and Nespresso capsules

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    Recycling collection and responsible disposal of electronics

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    Use of sustainable cleaning products

Nossas ações

  • Frutas orgânicas
  • Produtos de limpeza sustentáveis
  • Coleta seletiva e descarte responsável de eletrônicos

  • Paperless
  • Uso racional de água
  • Reciclagem de materiais descartáveis (papel, plástico), e cápsulas Nespresso